Travel Diary: Paris {Part 1}

Paris . . .
has time and time again been nominated as one of the “World’s Top Destination” and has earned taglines such as “Places of a Lifetime”. In fact, the mere mention of ‘Paris’ conjures romantic, convivial, vain, and even petty images in our minds.

Being one of Europe’s leading home to haute couture, masterpieces of art and architecture, and temples of fine dining – but also cozy bistros, vibrant ethnic enclaves, and bohemian cafés it is no wonder that I was lured to visit Paris.

Besides the masterpieces of art, Paris unfortunately was a disappointment in every possible way; with WT bailing out and returning to London on Day 2, while Val and I stayed back only because Eurorail refused to change our tickets and it was cheaper to stay the course than to re-book our tickets!

To document our travel, I’ve created two Mini Scrapbook albums {Paris: Part 1 and Paris: As Is} – the first admittedly a cross between picture-perfect postcard shoots on attractions in Paris and an anthropology study on Paris through rose-coloured glasses, while the latter captures the raw account of our travel in Paris.

Paris {Part 1} Mini Scrapbook by Penelope Gan

People. People. People.

Pretty much sums up the scene of Eiffel Tower, regardless of the season or time.

Deciding it would be futile exercise to spend 2 hours in queue just to get tickets, we decided to wander around the base and the gardens surrounding the Eiffel Tower.

The results were these pretty amazing, unconventional shots we got (!) of youths performing back-breaking, breathtaking street stunts.

Best Seen @ Dawn
{ True… but hey, I am on vacation! }

So, the other available option is to do the Louvre at sunset when the setting sunlight hits and reflects IM Pei’s glass pyramids.

Besides getting free entry into the Louvre earlier in the day – thanks to the French going on work strike – we got some extra special bonuses with these candid shots of real people relaxing around the Louvre.
+ + + + +
Paris: Part 1 Mini Accordian Scrapbook Album made by Penelope Gan

All supplies from
Photos by Penelope Gan + postcards


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