My India Brag Box

Call me CRAZY, but I started planning for my travels to India back in November after casually flirting with the idea in October 2007.

Although as I write this, I am still in the midst of finalising ticket bookings, hotel reservations, VISA, shopping etc., the experience thus far has been exhilarating, frustrating and wonderful.

The frustration it appears is largely due to the fact that India, as it turns out is as diverse and spectacular as a Bollywood movie – colourful, exuberant, exciting, loud and dramatic.

During my course of ‘research’, I realised that India is a place to expect the unexpected!

Hence, armed with an exhaustive lists of “to dos”, “must have” and “don’ts” coupled with priceless advice from and a new found friend, Vijay Pandey, I will set out and discover India in January.

Unable to contain my excitement much longer, I altered this tin mini suitcase (My India Brag Box) to store all the memorabilia, knick -knacks and memories I will have on India.

Love it, or hate it, I am pretty convinced India will jostle my entire being and fill my Brag Box up.
… and if not, I am glad to have found a gem in a person, whom I will cherish for life.

+ + + + +

My India Brag Box made by Penelope Gan
All supplies from


7 thoughts on “My India Brag Box

  1. i did only 2 weeks after 2 weeks in nepal. overland to india….so the, we had our fair share of culinary adventure in india but were constantly aware of what we consume. branded minerale. icecream-no no. coke, briyanis, tandoris, even tried some on the go stuff from the stalls…fried omelette on banana leaf, chai on disposable clay cups… should be fun now…cold. do check out the sights at train stations at nite…very zombie

  2. ohhh…hehe. yeah very touristy, but hell, i did that too in my first visit….but i did from bhairawa to gorakpor to lucknow to VARANASI!!! to SARNATH to delhi to agra(f.sikri) dint manage to do the deserts coz of my partner’s stomach upset. shite, i m so jealous of u. LOL.planning a darjeeling-sikkim one come oct…fingers cross.

  3. I am already beginning to love India!!! seriously.Delhi – Agra – Fatehpur Sikri – Jaipur – Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Bikaner (Camel Fair!) – DelhiVery touristy, but I reckon being the maiden trip, one MUST see the Taj Mahal the famous forts and havelis. Ohhh… you are very adventurous with the 3rd class. I tried the AC1 (no luck!) so ended up with 2AC or CCs. Figuring our the train routes, train nos., station quotes etc was an experience in itself but with technology (forums and Steven Ber – my saviour) I am smugly saying “easy peasy”!!! LOL

  4. u will love india for sure!!!! what’s yr route????do check their trains out….i did their 3rd class, medium and their first shatabdi express!!! experiance!!!

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