Travel Diary: Paris {Part 2}

Paris {Part 2} chronicles the travel experiences Val, WT and I had – from the delightful cafes we perceived to the famous vibrant Parisian nightlife of Moulin Rouge.

While Paris {Part 1} would have given a hint of indication that our trip was far from appealing, truth of the matter was we were horrified with what Paris had to offer!

Our first night in Paris stands as testament to this as it was hell! Not realising that besides being an artsy fatsy place with the Moulin Rouge and Basilique du Sacre Coeur, by night Montmartre transforms into a seedy red district area. With prostitutes, sex shops, drugs and pimps abound, Val and I were swamped and deliberately trapped in a cocoon made of humans, while the syndicate tried to mug WT. Shoved and roughed -up, thank God we had the sense to shout out warnings in Chinese, pushed our way through the crowd in panic and made a mad dash for our lives.

Over the days we realised that Paris is not very different from any city in the world: graffiti, missing children, child labour, filthy streets, the homeless … they are all there ~ the dark side of PARIS.

Paris: Part 2 Mini Accordion Scrapbook Album made by Penelope Gan

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Photos by Penelope Gan

2 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Paris {Part 2}

  1. Well, sure every place has its charms and I suppose we are constantly being exposed to the wonderful, touristy, romantic and cultured side of Paris only. This experience and others less poignant doesn’t make Paris a bad place nor would I tell anyone not to go there. In fact, we’re taking off from the Montmartre train station this for our 1-week Bordeaux tour this coming May.

  2. wow…that’s some revelation!!! paris has been errr, my fav european city thus far(altho i hv not been to that many) and i walked alone! lol.monmarte is legendary!

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