My Tired Lil’ Santa

or mine at least!

Every year without fail, Bryant will be dressed up for our family Christmas cards which is handmade by me and mailed just-in-time, simply because I am a self confessed procrastinator.

This picture was taken in our patio and I had substituted handmade knitted dogs as reindeers!!! Rover, our real dog, never made it to any pictures post Bryant’s arrival (12 May 2003) for hygiene purposes. With a kid like Bryant – who has severe brain injury (hence cerebral palsy) since birth and has not been able to cry, suck, swallow (eat), see, hear, sit … – we can’t help but be careful.

The photo here is not sharp as I was trying not to over-exert Bryant, since he was propped up. He spots a dopey eye-d look here, but truth be told he has actually fallen asleep and that’s the maximum size his eyelids will shut.
Although we have a new arrival in the family this year – Rebecca (Becky) – I did not include her in the photo shoot as it’s a mammoth task to prop both Bryant and Becks simultaneously. Next year, we’ll include Becky and nana-banana (granny).

More on Bryant’s condition and what happened: (feedback)

OR in need of a support group? Please contact me or

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My Tired Lil’ Santa Christmas Card made by Penelope Gan


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