Travel Diary: The Thing about India is …

it’s a land of inimitable records.
The enormity of 1 bil people just doesn’t sink it, let alone the consequences of having 1 bil people. Subsequently, the only reply I ever hear is “no” and “I regret to inform …”


See, first, there were NO train tickets.
Then, NO flights.
NO rooms.
No, no, NO

Geez , I’ve never heard so many “NOs” in a span of 3 weeks, as I just have.

But amazingly, I’ve remained relatively calm (ok, not so calm about the flights and more so with the breaking news of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination when faced with a relief ticketing agent who didn’t know how to search for flights!).

Normally, I would react.


I mean R-E-A-C-T. Look, ‘metta‘ is not in my vocabulary and I am being dead on honest.

… but there is just something in the demure of the Indians that makes everything seems ok, and to a large extend put shame in me for thinking endlessly about me and my poor, poor plight.
More interestingly, there’s always a coy stranger observing from far and giving me the reassuring smiles and head gestures; with the occasional ones that reaches out to offer help. For a nation with 1 bil people, I would have thought that people would be primarily concern with their own welfare; but I thought wrong and apologise.

Well, in slightly over a week, I will find out as I will make the 1,000,000,001 person … oh well, not quite – and yes, stretching the census here! {wink}


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