Travel Diary: i’m lovin’ it*

i LOVE India not because it fascinates me,

i LOVE India not because i like having the idea of a faraway land of exoticism to experience,
i LOVE India not because of the abject poverty that shocks my system,
i LOVE India not because it tickles and awakens my senses…
i LOVE India because of what it is, and how unabashed it is to stand tall as it is, to be shaped and steered on its own; void of any regard for exogenous influences.

Noted that I’ve only been to the most overrated touristic strip (like most of the novices to India), India has left a positive impression and the Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-(and oops! Jodhpur) is only the beginning of my lifetime exploration of this great sub-continent.

So, for all the mudslingers and skeptics I have met pre- and post-my India exploration, well, India – i’m lovin’ it!

+ + + + + + + +

what’s not
to love about India?

some basic facts you can’t deny…
* Rs 300+ for a great 2 hours plus train ride from Delhi to Agra (GBP90 from London to Paris)
* great food at rock bottom prices! (who else in the world serves Chinese Chat and Chinese Pizza?)

* streets, parks, metro, subways … unlike in Europe, they that don’t smell like a sewer ce)
* friendly, helpful people
* freedom of speech and press and Rs 10 for real newspapers (read: not tabloids)
* diverse heritage, culture and history
And most impressive of all: amazingly efficient and effective mind boggling train system with online bookings and almost instanteneous refunds for cancellations! (Eurotrain took >3 months and snail mails you a cheque in GBP which costs more in banking fees to encash that the actual refund!)
+ + + + + + + + +
* mcdonalds hmm… not exactly the place I would want to eat when I first step foot in India, or so I thought when the driver stopped us in front of McDs … until I sunk my teeth into Mc Aloo Tikka, Chicken Maharaja and even the not-so-Indian Mexican Chicken Wrap. All I can think of now is Mc Aloo Tikka!!!

check out this funny Indian advert on Mc Donalds
.Photo by Penelope Gan, India 2008


3 thoughts on “Travel Diary: i’m lovin’ it*

  1. gosh, i could not agree more. looking at a october/november trip fingers cross. route, either darjeeling-sikkim or north of delhi(chandigarh, amritsar, shimla, dharamsala, jaipur) leh maybe

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