Work Diary: i QUIT {should i?}

over the past few weeks all I can think of is: “I QUIT!
the truth of the matter is I can’t put a finger on the reason but I can come up with many reasons and cook up a persuasive arguement – sometimes too persuasive for my own good that I begin to believe myself. Afterall, I have been a consultant for far too long. Or not?
I do wonder if it voices down to the change in career choices. The change in lifestyle. The introduction of same-ness. Or not?
Or could it be that time of my life. No! I’m not refering to PMS, you silly!!! Yes, I am a neurofen dependent to make all pain (or ‘pain’) go away… {sigh, digressing as usual}
It’s the ‘sixteen to nineteen months cycle’ time of my life I am refering to. Time to sniff opportunities. Time to see if the grass is greener. Come to think of it, it really doesn’t matter for the fact if the grass is actually greener. All that matters is the heart feels it is greener. And if the mind believes it is greener, the heart and will follow.
Sometimes I ‘catch’ myself thinking that perhaps the horrible gold coloured ah beng unicorn logo doesn’t look that bad. And with a stash of fatter “bills” … hmmm… the logo does look quite o.k. And for crying out loud, just say the acroynm – I mean does anyone actually stop to ask what HSBC, OCBC, UOB, DBS, UBS …etc. stands for? So what difference would UIB make?
So, the only remaining question is: Is it really better to be ‘stuck’ with a known devil or an unknown one? See, the boss does afterall shape the level of happiness in your everyday life; or at least 50% of it. Think about it. Go on, count the hours you spend at work and on work related matters.

Photo courtesy againstart @ flickr


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