Travel Diary: Glacier Trekking, anyone?

“If you’re wielding an ice axe and wearing crampons, odds are you’re trekking on a glacier”…
except from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Rock Climbing by Stefani Jackenthal and Joe Glickman

Complete Idiot” in this context definitely fits me. What was I thinking? Agreeing to go glacier trekking in 2009?!? I’ve got to be out of my mind.

Well, not really given that I didn’t fully understand what it takes at the very moment I agreed to the idea. It does sound cool (cold), exotic, sexy, out of this world, adventurous …

Actually, to be 100% frank, I still haven’t got a clue what it really takes … and what is a “crampon”? Tampons for cramps??? Surely not. Oh dear… oh dear … {hyperventilating} I am an idiot who is going to face the same faith as those who perished on K2 – there goes my active imagination!

Seriously, can’t be that bad… right? RIGHT? I mean my friend Zara Davidson did it on a few occassion. And so did Uncle Julian (Davey of Cumbria, UK) at 60-ish year old… [but mom also mentioned a few months back that he conquered K2 though he’s pushing mid-60s!]

Common’ can I have some show of support… plur…lease. I know I don’t exercise. The only weight lifting I do is stuffing my face with food. But I am of good health, great weight and built, and reasonably fit. I’ll need to lose the few extra pounds I put on in India (blame all the people who said I would lose weight and get stomach bugs etc.) – easily sorted out – just have to skip some meals and worship the “porcelain Gods”.

As for building-up my body for endurance and stamina, I’ll first walk around KLCC park once a week, then twice, and eventually jog around it. So guys, I am counting on you to check on me every so often and prosecute me if I slack.
+ + + + + + + +
P/S: Psst, there will be porters and donkeys for rent right? And… err… can you helicopter in?


8 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Glacier Trekking, anyone?

  1. yup! Uncle Julian does lots of caving – he has his jumpsuit hung out to dry over his Aga oven everyday – lives out in the Lakes in UK. And he has hiked and trekked all of our national parks – does it on an annual basis. I’ll try to look for uncle Julian semi-naked picture taken on a glacier somewhere in Greenland. If not mistaken he has done Everest many times … so, my mom’s point was really “you are NOT in the league of uncle Julian!” LOL

  2. i hv done that!!! lol. altho it ws not a designated glacier trekking per se. it was juz part of my trek which happens to cross the glacier to the ‘other side’. was a 45 minutes walk.not exactly the ‘ice only’ sort of glacier but a real moraine. i did a post on it..but i forgotten when. i even posted a pic! lol. it was tiring because pebbles/gravels/ice/snow aplenty, rendering the trek slippery and dangerous. mounts and mounts of earth/stones everywhere. crampons…a base with sharp metal claws which u wear/tie it on yr shoes…emmm…only needed to ice or near vertical areas.

  3. The picture is Pindari Glacier – my travel partner reassured me on Tuesday that it’s a nice gradual walk. No mountaineering. Phew!!!How deceiving that picture was and sure gave me cold sweat. Nonetheless, I’ll still need to be fit – the walks are long.Haven’t done Kinabalu myself, but did the Mulu Caves in December 2006 – tiring – the heat and humidity gets to you.

  4. I’m not sure I’m ready for glacial trekking, though I’d like to make it the top Kilimanjaro before the ice melts forever. In preparation I’m going to give Kinabalu a shot next month. Small beginning.

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