i survived february!

i just dragged myself out of bed. last night wasn’t a bad way to spent the leap year. no, no, i am not much into tradition. actually, i am NOT into tradition at all unless it suits me {read: did you say free time off work for Good Friday? Well, of course I am a devote Catholic. I just don’t preach}

i was just having a lovely conversation last night (morning?) and recalled saying how i survived February without a soul asking me about any significant other or the probably soon-to-be change in marital status. oh you know, the usual snide (maybe not) remarks relatives and friends of parents would make to us, singletons.

yup, i survived Chinese New Year without a single query, which by all standards deserves the Guinness Book of World Records entry.

and oh, i also discovered a way to fend away any prospecting guys (who are usually disgusting L-O-S-E-Rs who thinks they have a shot just coz i am supposedly “expired”) – here goes:

Prospecting LOSER: So, I hear you are single / available / on the market?
(what kind of freaking pick-up line is that?!?)

Me: Yes, as a matter of fact.
(smile – one has to maintain composure even if the desire to smack the bozo across his face with my Coach is extremely tempting or the idea of flexing my muscles on him)

Prospecting LOSER: And why is a highly eligible girl like you still single?

Me: (smile, bat eyelid for the dramatic effect, then respond – well, at least he got the ‘highly eligible’ right) How else do you think I travel around the world?

ha ha! Trust me, this subtle “I AM HIGH MAINTENANCE you idiot!” is sure to get the guy bolting! Tried and tested for perfection!


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