Work Diary: w0m3n !

when you’re enjoying your own ‘space’ in the wee hours of the morning, the only welcome distraction is the “ping” sound of your IM from either a guy you so wanna be with but haven’t got the guts to say or a buddy.

well, let’s face it anything ‘important’ worth “ping-ing” at the expense of beauty sleep would be traffic stopping gossip involving people we absolutely detest but would take all pains to keep alive with only one purpose: our entertainment at their expense!

so, today’s was about an ex-boss from hell {just when you thought Miranda from the Devil Wears Prada is bad … trust me, this one is a B-I-T-C-H and i’ve only met her twice.}

anyway, to add colour to my narration let’s call her “Ms. D” for disillusioned {quote-unquote my buddy}

Well, Ms. D usually calls every so often to announce her corporate ‘advancements’ and the last we heard she had ‘removed’ an incompetent, corrupt regional HR Director and took over. Just a couple of days ago it appears she was retrenched. When enquired further on the numbers that were affected by the downsizing and the retrenchment exercise details (as we normal HR-ians would), her reply was she was the only one.


that’s not a RETRENCHMENT darlin’.
That’s you – Ms. D – being freaking laid off!
Yooohooo… Ms. supposedly-Regional HR Director, of which ‘Director’ is a suspect, any idiot would be able to tell you that you were freaking laid off! SACKED. gottit?

the rest of the story from Ms. D was of course of no relevance since it revolved around how she was singled-out by an insecure boss who had just a minuscule of her capabilities …etc.

But what puzzled me was the purpose of the call, since there was no motive of asking for help {yeah, like her pride will ever permit her to ask}. And if it was to ‘share’… well, hardly! {we ain’t your friend, gottit? and any day we will root for the poor souls you stepped on and clamoured to get your way up, not to mentioned your strategically positioned bosom on the… ahem… }

if anything, Ms. D, thank you – it was worth a fleeting moment of gossip and in this age of technology i shall flatter you with a blog entry in support of my good ol’ pal that suffered your miserable self for 5 years!

+ + + + + + + +
as for all the other lovely women + ‘women’
happy International Women’s Day!
+ + + + + + + +


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