the www "friend" in person

“I @#$%-ing worked for ICR for two years!” the words of my trusted “girlfriend” echoed in my ears as I tried to concentrate on what MM was saying to me; blocking stray thoughts and comical conversations I’ve had with my “girlfriend” about the vivid and colourful characters he had created in ICR some 10 years back.
Yup. Met an internet friend. Sort of.
I wasn’t disappointed. Hell no.
MM actually exceeded my expectations. Talked more than I expected he would and was outright blunt on occasions. Nothing out of character here.
Other than that, MM was what we had analysed him to be within 20 minutes of being online – yup, that will be ‘work’ by the 3 “sewer rats” {quote unquote MM undignified snooty reference to my 3 Indian IT buddies scattered at that moment of analysis in Bangalore, Manchester and Brussels} + the self assessed psychotic narcissistic me + the world wide web.
You’d actually be quite surprise what one can come up with on the web. The “prints” we would have left behind even if it were years ago. But never mind that for the moment, as I’d like to talk about my meet with the internet friend. Well, sort of in reference to the word FRIEND.
Between the both of us, I think MM was the disappointed party. Though his egocentric masochism wouldn’t permit him to admit, his inability to shut the hole in his face and bite his tongue with sarcasm brought up the issue of my well composed being (repeatedly!)
A-ha. What did MM expect? Some drama queen exhibits? … as he has confidently labelled me on facebook?
Oh well, first and foremost, I ain’t a drama queen by any standards… a pale princess by comparison perhaps. But how should MM know given that his circle has always been limited to testosterone pumping male chauvinist?
Secondly, what was there really to bitch and scream about when I am doing random walkabouts, clicking away on my Nikon whilst trying not to analyse how phoney things are. Or aren’t.
And last but not least, why bother when I am indulging myself in mouth watering, calories piling pecan nut ice-cream on a side walk cafe in linen cargo pants rather than some non-functional ensembles with my girlfriends (not!) at the BMW Sauber Petronas F1 party – now, there’s where I would have had my claws out… meow.
Anyways, am off to watch Shakespeare Wallah and The Householder; 2 Indian classical movies by Ismail Merchant, which I am told has elements of wife beatings and all – elements of which MM has assured me were things of the past in India … but, I really don’t know if I should keep my reservations intact having heard that at the age of 33, Ama (mommy) still fetches his South Indian filtered coffee every morning and cousin-in-law insist that his wife scrubs his back when he takes his bath!
; )

* ICR: internet chat room MM: Maharashti Mumbaiker

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