Work Diary: the thing about PROMOTION is …

i was told last year’s weekend banking was a blast.

applications were literally flying out of the faxes and printers in HQ while staff at the branches were physically jumping on a spot out of anxiety and frustration with the phone and fax lines jammed-up by the volume… of course the clock was ticking. 

we had 60 minutes to deliver on our promise or …
the launch date was impeccable. a mere 48 hours before our competitors. we made a bang! yet again.
the new kid on the block did it (again).

we were proud. we were leering at our competitors who were wiping their sweats in production studios producing their tvc, negotiating last minute slots at premium prices, frantically throwing fliers into just about any letter boxes or over gates.

but us? we were physically, mentally and emotionally stretching ourselves, amassing millions in 48 hours… and we had 19 more days to go.
staff worked 21 days in a stretch. millions of calories were burnt just negotiating the marble stairs rushing applications from one desk to another. 2 am was a norm. parents and partners just didn’t get it. we were too tired to explain. excitement, adrenaline and pride got us through the day, nights and fights.

it was worth every breath spent, every tear shed.
we were part of something big. a pioneer. we were changing the banking scene. we were leading and redefining branding and promotions in the banking industry. that was enough, as a reward.

+ + + + + + + +
weekend banking*08
it was naturally the thing to do again. or so we thought. planning and execution was done easily. some basic business process reengineering work when into it (taking last year’s post mortem seriously). and we gathered more volunteers and set up more PCs and office equipment to deal with the volume. everything was under control… everything within our control at least, or so we thought.
our timeline had leaked into the market.
our competitors were hitting the tarmac as hard as us; just better.
but we kept our hopes up

the thing is numbers do not lie. no matter how hard the campaign owners sliced and diced the data, the story was the same. it sucked. we were lagging…

so came the reasons and rationale behind the numbers. as the y-o-y data became increasingly evident that we have failed, the excuses emerged. by weekend two, everyone had kicked-up a notch in crafting stories and resorting to less desirable skin saving manoeuvres. the blames.

fact of the matter is folks: you are as good as your last deal.
and pardon me for stating the obvious, once launched, any promotion is passe.

so, wake up. smell the coffee. face the music and move on. while you’re slumped in disbelief and depression, your competitors have gotten ahead.

and that’s the thing about PROMOTION.


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