in love

Needless to say this photo (right) was one of a few which became iconic of the Vietnam war itself, and emblematises how the still photograph can have such profound impact on the public mind.

And of course, we can’t argue with Horst Faas’ words: – the editor who picked it up.

These pictures were like you were struck by a star and you are convinced immediately as an editor that this is a good picture.”
But how many of us has heard of Nick Ut?
Face it, we tend to hear very little from the photographers whose images shape our consciousness of warfare. Name a conflict and it’s likely a photo comes immediately to mind: the Afghanistan girl – Steve McCurry. the Viet Cong prisoner shot at point blank range – Eddie Adams.

Realising this a few movies and documentaries have been made in attempts to turn the lens of attention onto them. Unfortunately, (whilst some better than others) most of them seemed to have glamorised the lives of photojournalists and foreign correspondents.

Having the privilege to personally know a few, the reality is:

photojournalism is one of the world’s most difficult and demanding jobs, both physically and mentally
– working under some of the world’s most extreme and harsh conditions as well as witnessing things inhumanly possible.

To top it of, besides being hardly credited for their work and lowly paid (vi’s-a-vi’s the risks involved), it is a job that is most misunderstood, leaving many of them scarred by what they do.

Intrigued and drawn, I have and am (more so now) admittedly consumed and in love with the people behind the lenses for their Courage . Passion . Commitment . Faith . Believe . Contribution . Humanity . Strength . Humility . Sensibility . Hope . L.O.V.E. etc.

To all of you amazing photojournalist out there and in particular my friends, godspeed!

Penelope supports Zoriah

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