movies. novels. plays.
they are all here for a reason. escapism.

can life imitate art?
perhaps. in its remote chance to the point of being an oddity.

but does art imitate life?
well, yes – with doses of exaggeration and stretched imagination.

take my all time favourite sentimental chick flick movie – the LAKE HOUSE – for instance. {okay, okay, i’ve always had a thing for architects and men in turtle neck …(blushing)}


  • unparalleled time zones.
    heck, this ain’t 12 or 18 hours GMT time difference we are talking about, but a whole 2-years coz one is dead type of time difference, which even if the brain isn’t engaged, one would know it’s highly fictional – but hey, who cares (?), i’m trying to make a point and it tickles my fancy.
  • artsy guy with hang-ups.
  • intelligent, pragmatic professional gal.
  • 2 junk cars (noted – irrelevant)
  • 2 lonely hearts (mine, not included)
  • 1 dog that travels through time.
  • neither have heard of mr. Bell, let alone his invention.
  • and 2 timeline inconsistencies (where Alex “broke” into Kate’s time zone, if you actually cared to know! )

ok. now that i have broken it down, it does seem like a typical chick flick – lame, nonsensical, absolutely gorgeous looking people – and there’s no denying it.
i mean, let’s call a spade a spade, and the point i’m making is, after 3 decades and a teeny weeny bit more, i am yet to find:

  1. a guy who writes good mails
  2. 1. + is artsy and sentimental
  3. 2. + turns out to be awesome in person as well
  4. 3. + has an abode to die for (not literally)
  5. 4. + totally gets you
  6. 5. + doesn’t age!
what i’ve found has been quite the opposite. thumbing what is now a very thin and dog-earred directory of eligible bachelors … hmm… i shall content myself with escapism: 1 tsp magical realism + 2 oz. temporal paradox + a dash of societal dissonances!

* * * * * * * *

*psst… if anyone is going to send me the rottentomatoes review, save it! i’m a gal with 2 copies of the LAKE HOUSE original dvd (just in case) that has seen it a zillion times; curled up on my sofa dressed in track-pants, spaghetti straps top, hugging on to my ever faithful, slightly smelly ginger coloured Metrojaya Christmas bear that went for MYR19.90 some decades ago! plus I’ve read Jane Austen’s Persuasion cover-to-cover at least 4 times over.
BTW, for those who have made it this far and cared enough about trivial, a question: is it possible to have any parallel dates in 2004 and 2006, given that 2004 is a leap year? or does it not make a difference once post 29th February? i am still trying to work this out in my head.
also does anyone have a pix of the Lake HOUSE. Not the corny DVD cover. love the house.


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