on nights like these i totally want to be a photographer. or a graphic and print artist. or even a fabric designer. no, no perhaps my childhood dream of being a jewellery designer – yeah, i love my blings even back then!

architect. even a fashion designer (ok, i’m spilling the beans! i was a kid who would look at Karl Lagerfeld in awe before i truly understood his “peculiarity”. but who’s judging? definitely not me!)
the only problem (which is coincidentally THE problem) is: I’m frankly not talented.
add lazy + hopelessly dense to bother absorbing all the technicalities that goes with it plus totally impatient, the combination is …

so, whilst most people who know me personally would go hey, I hear you take great pictures or you are very creative, I ain’t coy or rude when my short curt retort is: “Amateur“.
SE.RI.OUS.LY have you seen the pros? the truly gifted?
the fact is i am a dreamer. mostly.
but i honestly think i totally live up to my zodiac sign: a true lover of finer things in life.


(space)thank God it’s Friday – license to get “drown”
and 14 hours before I sit in the clinically white doctors office again!

3 thoughts on “dreaming

  1. yes, i will.darn. i am still figuring out this CS2 psd man. see, i figured if i succeeded with my self taught ai and autocad 5, i should get this freaking psd rite??!? but NOT!!! aarrrggghhhhHHHH

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