flickr HATE warmongers strikes

My heart usually skips a beat whenever my flickr mail box says “2 messages” :) That translates to some random person in the world either having seen my photos thought it was worth their while to include me as a contact or an existing contact saying ‘hi’.

But when I saw “39 messages”, upon my return, skepticism kicked in. Honestly, I haven’t a clue why. I was brain dead; usually happens between commute from airport to home.

what the @#$% ?!?
ok. hate emails,” I thought.
I decided to mark everything as read, cleared the box and took a long bath.

Back at work. I decided to threat myself to a bit of fun after being read my “outstanding” / “urgent” / “must attend” list. I typed: and waited with anticipation and hope.

Hoping to see uploads from some of my favourite photographers and friends. I mean after that “riots act” being read out, I could do with some humour from A and S. Or some sense of realism and comfort from the likes of Z and N.

What?!? “50-ish messages”
GaarrrgghhhHHHH. Bloody fluckr warmongers @ work again.

But what has this got to do with me? I’m not an active flickrian. I don’t even own a Pro Account. And if I actually feel a tinge of megalomania (yeah, like you don’t occasionally :p) whenever someone drops by my photo stream … that’s how pathetic and insignificant I am in the flickr community.

OK. Let’s see who they’re staging a war against.
The darn links don’t even work.

oh. Ok. I got it. No. No. Not the links – but they are claiming N has ‘stolen’ some people’s photos.


Look, N is demi God by flickr standards.
Make that by all standards.

So, I went to the “owner” of the allegedly creative rights.
Hmmmok, a few good shots in the stream.

Links still wouldn’t work. No proof.
Again, I marked by then almost 50 messages as read and cleared the inbox and decided to drop N an email. Can’t think why. But did it. Point is: I wasn’t thinking or processing any thoughts and consequences. Instinctively I though if a bystander like me has received 80-90 hate emails, just imagine N’s …

Unpleasant. Nobody deserves this. More so N and folks like him scattered in real war zones and hell.

I may be a nobody, but I needed to tell him that I believe in him.

24 hours. 48 hours. Passed. I was inundate with more hate emails. It got worse. Not just in quantity. It got stronger. Language wise. Accusations. Loads of pressure to boycott and condemn N. N, my demi God.

Basically, these warmongers pushed and pushed and pushed.

And no rationalisation and proof was needed on my part. Just believe. This was probably a consequences of my not having any other religion in my life, but never mind. And never mind if I have other underlying reasons. It’s of no relevance for you to know for now.

So for the next 3 days, I religiously replied each and every warmonger. Long emails mind you. Personalised. My true religious zeal focused on N and his work itself. Suffice to know, I honestly believe that at the lowest moment in my adult life, I’d been rescued by the likes of N. Go ahead, call me melodramatic. It’s my middle name.

And it worked! Though I would get a jolt in the wee hours of the morning, shaken over recurring dreams, or rather recurring nightmares: I was exiled from flickr!

I’ll spent the rest of my waking moment till my alarm clock officially rings tormenting myself over thoughts of hate comments on my photo streams.

For the best of me, I can’t figure out why flickr didn’t allow us to moderate comments left by others. I can’t figure out why people would willingly perpetrate ill things on others. flickr “war”, and all (actual) wars in the world breaks down the human spirit. It creates unwilling ‘monsters’ – changes people’s perspective. So, why do people do it?

To all you warmongers out there, I am resolute in my choice. Believe. N and guys like him face and fights real war daily. So, get a life. Time to realise that they are the GENUINE GUYS COVERING REAL ISSUES out there.

And if I may quote Marion (Mimi) Fahnestock on her affair with JFK: I request that { } respect my privacy and that of my family. Family, i.e. contacts in the flickr context.

So, whilst the “flooding” started again today; this time it took the form of a stalker… here’s the message: I ain’t going to be nice and reply no more. I’m laughing it off and clearing the inbox in my typical fashion.


3 thoughts on “flickr HATE warmongers strikes

  1. It’s pretty crazy what people on the internet will do for attention. This guy added me and when I saw his profile I thought all of it sounded familiar. I recently became flickr friends with naumanism and I feel bad that he is being targeted by this. Sadly I doubt there’s anything flickr can do about it, other than deleting his account so he can make another. It would be nice if they could block ip addresses for constant harassers.

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