i am mad.

angry mad. not mad. mad.

I drove home in record time: 47 minutes. I was “flash-ed” and “honk-ed” many times. But I was mad.

I don’t care much about the honks. Doesn’t insult me.

But the “flash”. That’s a different story. I have spun 360 degrees on a freeway because of a “flash-er”. One that drove one of those tiny cars that shouldn’t even exist on the roads. Here. Or anywhere in the world.

Why do we need the Nanos and Kancils on the roads?
Why do we need the cute cars?

They aren’t efficient.
They aren’t safe.
And the people behind the wheels usually have pea sized brains; just about the size that fits the car.

Why do we need more pollutants?
No. I’m not referring to those emitted by them. (Well, that too.)
But those emitted unnecessarily by us circling around car parks more times than we should.
… it looked empty. But damn. There’s that little silly thing parked right to the brim of the wall!

The thing about people with small cars is, they are spatially challenged. Or disillusioned.
I’ve not had serious thoughts if its attributed to their physic or processing capabilities.

See, here I am propped much higher than you are. With an aeriel view of the parking lot. And I’m telling you – through telepathy of course – you have a bloody 8 feet space to back your car out of the lot. But no. Yeah. To your pea size brains, you are in a damn Humvee that requires 12 feet space.

And what do you do?
You honk me! With that embarrassing excuse me sounding honk.
Which incidentally ruffles me up. And I honk you with a “WHAT?!? Arsehole” honk.

Great. Gridlock.

…well, what did I tell you about the size? Brains. Or car for that matter.

And with a deep breath and zen thoughts. That’s the end of my story. Of cars. And brains. The size of a pea in a nut shell.

* * * * * * * *

Though the “flash-er” truly deserved to die that night. With his wife. And two kids. I wasn’t prepared to sit behind bars. Or rather at that very split second, I was no child murderer.

* * * * * * * *

This entry wasn’t going to be about any of the above. But I suppose with the planets aligned towards Venus tonight, I’m suppressing the real reason(s) why i am mad today. I am as dumbfounded, as you are, as to why women constantly starts an argument over something insignificant. Forget their point half way through. Sulk. And blame the man. When the underlying problem is as remotely different as chalk and cheese (if this phrase is applicable here!)

j’aime suis femme
we get away with murder by being a woman!



2 thoughts on “i am mad.

  1. errr, can we juz say, they does not hv a good turning radius and the 8 feet does not suffices….?? hehehe.btw, what was yr average travelling time? (wanna see how far yr ‘record’ differs from yr average…hehe)

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