who’s @ fault, really?

A married couple lives in a house across town. His mother visits and stays with them. He goes on a business trip. The woman takes the bus across town and sees her lover. They had one too many rendezvous. When they were done, she realises she was late, gets up, gets dressed, rushes to catch the last bus. But she misses it. She pleads with the driver. He insist that she pays him 5 times more in fare. She hasn’t got the money. So she’s forced to walk home. On the way she was raped and killed.
The question is: who is responsible for her death? And in what order? The woman, the man, the man’s mother, the lover, the bus driver, or the rapist?

Another light bulb moment in my life!
All other law syllabus WILL pale in comparison to criminal law. I promptly dropped out of law school thereafter ; )

* * * * * * * *

An interesting observation is, if you were to ask any of your random friends (lawyers excluded), you will get different answers. So, how does the law decide on which “reasonable man’s” answer is correct?


4 thoughts on “who’s @ fault, really?

  1. dear prof, forgive me (not!), but interestingly if we are to blatantly ignore your psychoanalysis, you are actually quite close.but what’s REALLY frightening here is: (forgive me again – not!) you hardly fit the classification of a “reasonable man”.and here’s why I am ALWAYS in a confused state! :(

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