Work Diary: not just kids …

I’ve often found it sad and heart breaking to watch kids being singled out and bullied physically and verbally. I find the latter more damaging. And I only know too well.

I was recently told about an incident of how 12 kids, aged between 7 to 9 years, formed cliques and refused to play or be associated with a 7 year old single parent child because she was bossy and temperamental. Whilst I could objectively appreciate that she was to say the least a pain to be reckon with, I still felt sorry for her. Often my thoughts would linger. Perhaps seeing myself in her decades ago.

But what I’ve come to realise off late is: it’s not just the kids.
On one hand I suppose we could say we never grew up. The kid is still in us.
Immature. Unreasonable. Self centred. Insecure. Envious…

On the other hand, perhaps we are just evil.
I am in the opinion that everyone is capable of evil heinous acts.
Greed . Power . Ego
– being the driving force.

Even in our seemingly ordinary lives surrounded by ordinary folks, these negative energy envelopes us. In our strive to prove that we are better (even if we are clearly not), we annihilate the ‘opponent’. It could be an ‘innocent’ statement to those in authority. A rumour. A poison letter. Or even lies. And whilst no blood is shed. No lives loss. The acts of such ‘demolition’ is viewed lightly.

Truth be told, often the REAL KILLER is a broken spirit. Brought about by psychological and emotional damage. I’ve seen one too many. Felt the pain. Grief. Anger over such unfortunate and unnecessary lost.

God {if there is actually one}, I beg you to free me from this. I can’t live through another one. It wasn’t suicide. It was murder.


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