when PERSUASION failed

Oh yes! Today was one such days. When I would just assume a physical presence. Deep in my thoughts. Oblivious of all and what is around me.

Location? A suburban bookshop* I found rather recently with insurmountable collection of books that no one wants at dirt cheap prices.

The trigger? Persuasion.

Hence, the battle with the devil’s advocate (read: my subconscious mind) begun:

me: hmmm…. delightful. Persuasion.” (smiling to myself)

d.a.: “You don’t need it. Put it down!”

me: “but… but… look at it. It wants me to take it home.”

d.a.: “No it doesn’t. Silly.”

me: “yes it does! And it’s ONLY 17.90”

d.a.: “so?!? You have TWO copies at home.”

me: “but this is DIFFERENT.”

d.a.: “how so? It’s PERSUASION by that nut case.”

me: “hey! Take it back! I mean it. She’s NOT a nut case.”

d.a.: “well, fruitcake then.”

me: “you are evil and selfish. I am taking it. It’s DIFFERENT.”

d.a.: “and for the final time: how so?”

me: “this cover is nice-R. It’s pink and has flourishes on it.”

d.a.: “you are a fruitcake too!”

me: “am not”

d.a.: “yes you are”

me: “am not”

d.a.: “yes you are.” {pause} “think about the kids in Myanmar. or Cheng Du.”

me: :p “I HATE you!”

d.a.: “no you don’t”

End of one of the many imaginary conversation.
Reality calls.

* dream on. I’m not letting you in on my treasure trove. I like the fact that the only other customers are coffee table, children and cookbook buyers. No competition. : )


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