i dont read the newspapers

there … off my chest. Judge me if you will.

I mean;

Why must everyone who makes the first step to adulthood take up newspaper reading?

Why did we think as a kid growing up that dad was so important. so intellectual. powerful. serious. just because he held ink-smearing-unbleached over-sized reading material every morning?

Newspapers are seriously full of crap. Absurd news. Depressing news.
Often distorted and manipulated either for political or economic reasons. or both.

Who cares really if so-and-so was robed, raped, murdered, burnt, dumped, found?
You wouldn’t even remember so-and-so’s name. or the place the incident occurred.
And you would still go about doing the same thing you always did without extra heed or precaution. Bottom line is you learnt nothing.

Strangely people are disturbed by this fact.
No. no. Not the robbery, raping, murder … fact.
The fact that I DO NOT READ THE NEWSPAPERS fact.
Strangely even strangers think I am strange.

I prefer my condensed TIME.
I dread the fact that the reporting is skewed.
I dread that its Americanized.
But it sure beats ‘hunting’ for real newsworthy editorial amongst countless of mobile phone adverts. Mountains of furniture adverts. Colourful vacation adverts. Food reviews. Socialite news… et cetera et cetera et cetera.
2-3 hours over the weekend, and I am covered. with the TIME.

The Economist is a bit of a bitch.
It takes me 2-3 months to complete one issue … and I’ve long lost the catch-up game. It’s ok. I have no economic or financial sense any ways. So, no real material loss here.

NGM is awesome.
It overloads you with information that has zero relevance or application in real life. normally.
OK. The Pharaoh are supposedly black. So? Try telling the Arabs that signs my pay cheque that!
Or that the anaconda teeth are hooked the other way around and the only way to free oneself is to wrestle it until its exhausted. I mean …. hello?!? And when is this piece of information ever going to come in handy? Seriously. Betty Crocker’s bicarbonate of soda tip reaches to millions of household. Not the anaconda’s teeth type of tip. Surely not any NGM’s information.

and finally FT.
I just don’t get FT.
Why is it pink? Is it backed by some powerful, obscenely rich faggot?
{ not that I have a problem with that. }


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