just 3-letters

yet so powerful

it is a combination of things. events…

i had a HUGE verbal spat with my mother. felt totally guilty about it. drove home. but the last straw that broke the camel’s back was probably the 2-and-a-half hour crawl home. 1/4 tank of petrol in the light of …

damn petrol price hikes!

no, i’m not going into the economics and politics of this.
every Malaysian blogger out there is doing it at this particular moment.

but it got me thinking about how price inelastic it is. to the high middle income and above at least.
i couldn’t spot a luxury car amongst the serpentine line of cars that chocked the streets 3 to 4 kilometres leading up to every kiosk.

i, myself couldn’t be bothered and thought it was a waste of time despite the 50% increase. it would just mean a one-off savings (which isn’t really a savings). with heaps of aggression and frustration from waiting.

i wouldn’t be trading in my LR any day soon. i would still pay road taxes than cost 12 times more than the national cars. i have paid luxury tax on my LR. i have forked out obscene amount in importation duty. i simply can’t trade in my LR any day soon; it’s worth as much in scrap metal! and of course i have a love affair with my LR.

what was really sad for me was the realisation than the poor and lower middle income people are the real losers in this game.

prices of everything, as a result of the petrol price hike, is going to skyrocket.
trading in their cars and substituting with public transportation isn’t going to elevate the real problem. the mid- to long-term issues.

the government in the first place should have provided for more effective and efficient public transportation.

the government should not have allowed both the production and importation of inferior and affordable cars that are not necessarily efficient in gas emission; putting aside the discussion of safety.

the government should not have allowed flexible financing that allowed every man on the street wheels.

the government should not have subsidised taxes for these wheels that has caused a sudden influx of cars on the road, which naturally lead to costly fuel subsidy for the government.

oops! sorry. i know i said i won’t go into the economics and politics of this; but i guess you can’t shut an economics and government major that is opinionated and full of contradictions either! { wink }

so, i thought i’ll ‘visit’ ‘oxygen’.
but i faced an avalanche of other negative and depressing things.

that saddens me even more to the point of depression. that stretched my patience. that put my trust to test once yet again. that resulted in a turmoil of unexplainable emotions that made me feel physically sick and pain.

no, it’s not that i have doubts. i don’t. honestly. i have rationalised every accusation. i have a clear visualisation of how ‘oxygen’ is reacting at this very moment. i somehow have a connection that feels the emotions flowing through ‘oxygen’. the anger and even self damaging thoughts. i do. and that’s how strange this is. impossible. yet there.

i know ‘oxygen’ resents me for talking about it. but this is my cope mechanism. i have to express myself.

i know ‘oxygen’ resents the fact that i feel this way. that i (somewhat) feel and share the similar emotions.

i know ‘oxygen’ wishes none of the above for me. but i don’t. i just wish i could hear. i could see. i could feel the vibes when these 5 simple words are uttered: I did NOT do it.

in the meantime i found something that’s better than Valium for tonight and thought i’ll share it with many other sad souls out there …


Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Sad Kermit spiraled downward into a life full of addiction, romance and pain.
The songs and videos on this web page shed light on Sad Kermit’s descent into his dark, hurting world.Sad Kermit is an adult parody and is NOT suitable for children. Discretion is advised.
Apologies to those that finds this offensive.


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