where next?

just discovered i have 20 days annual leave left.

add the countless public holidays …

i have heaps of vacation time!

the (uncharacteristic) thing is: i do not know where to go!?!
unbelievable but true. clueless. have been thinking about it. a lot. results? zilt.

add the fact that any hiking, trekking, mountaineering, abseiling …etc. is out of the question
+ i don’t want to fly for more than 8 hours
+ let’s not do euros or sterling pounds
+ travel partner(s) needed

hmmmm… suggestions appreciated!


5 thoughts on “where next?

  1. dont be fickle!!! hehe.yeah, i kinda agree with sungimann. u may even wanna think about some regions in china huh? terengganu is also wonderful…it’s so underrated, we should make a trip there before it starts to roar.

  2. A spa holiday in Bali would be nice or a shopping holiday in the streets of Hanoi would be interesting. Most important of all, it wouldn’t burn a hole in your purse.

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