life’s all about equations


with the RIGHT summation… you’ll get the desired results
or mebbe just paparazzi!


the STAR celebrated World Environment Day today. We are honoured to have been invited and decided to put our talent to good use by raising funds for the construction of another Ti Ratana Welfare Home; a shelter for women: single moms, abandoned women, abused women, runaways …

Sure, we knew this wasn’t the avenue for fund raising ~ there just wasn’t enough money bags armed with cheque books confined in a room where their only focus of the moment is to save some face! Realistically, money bags will never soil their Jimmy Choo in a forest reserve let alone be caught having their makeup slide under the heat.

But we had to do some thing. And make the best of this opportunity.

So, we went with a simple idea… Make A Card 4 Charity at a low, low RM5! Blessed with Father’s Day around the corner and parents who were beaten by the heat and exhaustion, and didn’t mind us ‘baby sitting’ for 30 minutes, or so, willingly dished out RM5 per card.

Naturally, all materials used were recycled and every project we (the real designers) show-cased were also made from recycled products – the finished recycled products will hopefully be produced by the women of the Ti Ratana Welfare Home for commercial sale soon.

So, whilst we are dead tired, it was a fruitful effort and the beginning of another long journey for us to make the world a better place… and to improve the lives of others.

. .

Photos by Penelope Gan

1. our id3a, 2. cutouts embellishment from recycled materials, 3. a young “designer”, 4. Datin Wendy Ong (Mrs. Ong Ka Ting) assisting a boy in his designs, 5. Val (my sister) doing her public relations bit with Datin Wendy Ong and Datin Sri Jeanne Abdullah, 6. Datin Catherine (fund raiser/organiser – right) assisting Datin Sri Jeanne Abdullah (our very own Prime Minister’s wife!) with her daughter looking on.


Having the ability to hold on firmly to a camera, look through the tiny box and click the round button with one’s index finger has its benefits – no photos of me ever exist for free circulation! Thanks, but no thanks, I’d rather be shooting the shooters!

3 thoughts on “life’s all about equations

  1. ha ha … i will!and you will regret your decision.i’m organising a photo exhibit-cum-auction to raise funds Q1 next year – you’re in the committee man!

  2. GREAT WORK PEN!!!… and in future share the Prime Minister’s wife and all the dignitaries with us too.P/S: when are you organising the next Starbucks + Big Apple ‘Girls’ Only Party?

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