Gabriel . Garcia . Marquez

He haunts me.
I am not in love with GGM, but GGM must be with me.
That’s my only conclusion.

Every person who tries to impress me will sleekly web in Gabriel Garcia Marquez into any conversations with me. And often it will be of the other gender. Simply because I am undesirable to my own gender. Not because I am straight. But because I evoke resentment. Envy. Must be the stature or aura. I don’t know. I have lived with it for almost my entire life. At 6, I decided I am not to care if you like me or not. At 11, I made it a mission to leave a mark: either you hate or you love me. No greys for me in this regard.

The confession is: I have NEVER picked up a copy of GGM in my lifetime. Let alone leaf through it and read it. I still have not found any desire to do either (yet). Yet, because I am no fool to speak in absolutes.

I have no opinion on the characters or plot.

And you must be a bigger liar to agree with my remarks or any views I make on GGM or his works. Simply because I have no view. I have no idea. Nothing I said made any gibberish sense to me. I know nothing about GGM.

And a-Ha! that’s when I know with precise certainty you are a hoax trying to impress me.

Like GGM, I am yet to complete Moby Dick. For Pete’s sake, who on earth completes MD? Besides the obvious guy. The one who created Starbucks. err… how do I know this? The mermaid. ‘Starbucks’. Yes, this is as amazing a revelation to me as getting an-‘A’ for MD!

So, there you go.
ha ha …

GGM is NOT going to buy you any brownie points, with me at least. But sure buys you chai and companionship in southern India.


{ I’m truly sorry, but I find this absolutely hilarious. So forgive me for laughing out loud and blogging about it. But it really gets to a point … ya’ know? }

5 thoughts on “G.G.M

  1. 1-a) I never thought you needed to impress me! :)1-b) You are far TOO COOL; GGM pales in comparison2) you are not kidding, are you?!? I feel cheated. I’m gonna put in a complain to Random House and get a refund. :D

  2. two comments: 1) Never did I try to impress YOU… nor did I mention GGM (even though I’ve read all his works – boring)2) STARBUCK was NOT a mermaid – Ms. Genius. Starbuck was Ahabs First Mate.

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