ambivalence #2


brought and bound us together
whilst one spreads like wild fire, the other prevails forever

keeps us apart, breaks our spirits but fuels us with hope, reason and believe


humour reaches you even in the most remote, conflict zones !



and all of the above is timely primarily because :

#1 we were all bombarded again
Funny how technology works. Both for the good and evil.
iPhones, Blackberrys, Vertus went straight into action.
I was woken up at unGodly hour by the white flash of light emitting from my iBook and O2.
We all had a good laugh. It helps the soul if you’re out with the Juntas, in Palestine or Iraq.

This is yet another aspect of the lives of PJs* and those that stand behind them. Unknown to the world.

#2 I have been told I am an idiot
Interesting. Down right funny.

{This time, not from an armchair critic about the sanctity of my work and contacts.
You know what? Disappointingly it is not even about me! Or my social advocacy. Darn.}

But me? An idiot?!?
I’m the one who knows all the PJs referred here for REAL.
I don’t google any of them. Because (read ^). I don’t need to.
I don’t clutch on to straws of “evidence”.
I don’t write to strangers. And the funniest of all is I don’t foolishly write to their professional counterparts making accusations, without knowing the relationships and friendships that have formed between those in question.

And, I have most of the bookings till 2009. Exhibitions lined up. Pro bono assignments committed to. Auctions…

But, I, apparently am the idiot in this equation.

#3 thanks heaps!
Any publicity is good.
Humouring us!!! Especially X who is currently on assignment in hell.

Putting things into perspective – and giving us hope and vindication that we are doing REAL, GREAT WORK.
So for now, I am back to scrutinizing hundreds of original frames {only my PJs and I will ever see} … it’s a tough enough job deciding on colour? monochrome? crop? how much processing? etc. We don’t need stalkers. But it has been fun!
Dear X,
…..Please, please, please stay alive and above all …for me.

And N!
aaarrgghhhhhh N, you should really have not done the Burma Project after the Afghanistan Assignment. Your multiple show dateline is too tight. Let’s get cracking!


* PJs – photojournalists

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