books with values


I came across Sunbear Publishing through my sister and was taken by it. It is a niche publisher with a heart and not one for profit. Values runs through every aspect of this publisher and at the very core of its operations are great people with BIG, BIG HEARTs. This is not some socialite, celebrity trying to garner more publicity and popularity. This is about normal individuals trying to make a difference in this world and publishing books that matters. Books that talks about things that we (should) value…

The picture books market are on environmental and cultural themes and they reflect the rich experience of any child growing up in the tropics. Yes, finally books that relate to US HERE! It talks about local flora and fauna, local cultures and values, local people and lifestyles. And all of this with only the hope to help instill in our children a love and appreciation of their local environment and culture.

Well, of course the books also makes perfect presents for children who live in other parts of the world; don’t you think it’s timely for them to know what monsoon rain and rafflesia is?

Contact the kind and lovely Angeline at
012-297 45233

a guilt-free purchase note
All books are printed in Singapore (NOT some sweatshop with child labour in Asia) on recycled paper.


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