darn the airfare hikes!

i have suddenly lost any appetite for travel.
what used to be a business class is now sardine class.
and i saved 20 days of annual leave for december ’08 – january ’09!!!
i had it all worked out.
i was going to bust my butt for the next 4 months. nail my KPIs. then, get lost.
literally lost for an entire month and a bit more.
i wanted to go for a photography workshop.
either with Z, who refuses my money.
or tag along with Z, X or N.
or … even N, who may host a workshop as well. but again would not hear to taking my money.
no. no. i do NOT have any aspirations of being a pj.
thank you.
i am happy with my “have” status.
my conscious is free.
someone said i am no yuppie.
i do what i can do. in my BEST capacity.
but going to Timbuktu would be fun, i thought.
yes, it actually exist on the map!
its in Mali. I said Mali, not Bali.
and no. it’s not cause i can say i’ve been to Timbuktu.
{ but that too }
it’s cause i CAN say I HAVE been to Timbuktu.
it’s immaterial now.
the airfares have soared.
i’m having difficulty getting my bum to Morocco, much less Timbuktu!
suddenly, that little fact jolted my self perception.
that little fact puts me in the tourist category.
rather than my self prided traveller category.
{ sigh }
oil. the killer of every thing in life.
and life in itself as well.


2 thoughts on “darn the airfare hikes!

  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I will have to come back and spend more time on your blog. Love the way you write, and the glance at your pictures, oh my…gorgeous!!!

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