{ rocks! } ?

Admittedly, I was never taken by po.la.roids. I am a bit of a snob in this area. Compared to my other half who is a professional conflict-humanitarian photo.journalist, I’ll be classified a moronic equipment snob.

So, when I read ..:po.la.roids are an endangered species …”
my reaction was : “hmmm…” and the thought slipped off in less than 3 seconds

But when I was told over lunch in some snazzy suburbs where disgusting Cayene’s rule the roads by the ex- (aka wannabe professional photographer) : “geez, I am trying to get my hands on a po.la.roid since its extinct. I think it’ll cost about MYR 250. Do you want one?”
the immediate reaction was : “NO!”

But true to my nature, I couldn’t wait to jump behind my wheels, hit the gas and head home to skype my significant other … which I couldn’t due to the time difference, but it was an irrelevant fact at that moment.

And so, the moment I got him online, the conversation went along the line of:

“Can you find me a po.la.roid? How much? What?!? That cheap? Let’s get 2! What am I talking?!? I’m a hoarder and it no longer exists and… I mean what’s the likelihood of LOMO’s history repeating? Heck, get me 3. No, 4 po.la.roids. Yes. Yes. Ok. I’ll compromise. Get me 3.”

So it was settled. It didn’t matter if po.la.roids and LOMOs are against the significant other’s religion. He has to get me 3 po.la.roids. It didn’t matter that his present location wasn’t permitting. He was going to use technology to his advantage and get me those damn po.la.roids.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

… oh, sure. a sms went out to the ex- “i got 3 po.la.roids for MYSELF”




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