my CLICK! Interview

When Val said the interview was with CLICK! it didn’t register and I didn’t even bother to pen it down in my diary. Well, it part I thought it was “clique” or “whatever” – another one of those I haven’t heard of and no one else would have. No one I know of that is. Well, of course the other part was purely because I am bad at keeping appointments. Man… I am one of those who ‘crashes’ the Central Bank’s meetings right smack in the middle of the governor’s speech!

So, when she reminded me on the morning the interview was meant to happen, I went “what???”

And it suddenly CLICK! that I was meeting CLICK! the digital photography magazine {and publications} people. oooohhhhhh… I was swooning. Deliriously happy and excited. Floated through work. Waiting for 5:45pm to zoom off for the meeting. But… but, what would they want with me?!? I wondered. And yes, who cares! I got an interview with CLICK!

The meeting went really well. We CLICK! instantly… as for the rest, everything is still under wraps, so I can’t reveal.


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