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Could there be hope for ? with the existence of Polanoir; a gallery in Vienna devoted totally to polaroids. Anyway, visit their website about how the gallery came into being as it makes quite an interesting read and here’s a sneak peak of Polanoir.


Here are some reasons they love photography:
  • the one and only photographic medium that produces real unique originals.
  • the most analog pictures possible – recognisable at first sight because of structure, colors and the unique Polaroid framing.
  • pictures that bring back coincidences into photography. An inimitable combination of analog chemistry and instant visible results.
  • pictures that can be manipulated in many ways, using unique creative gizmo’s for an amazing number of innovative techniques and projects.
  • pictures that are immortal proofs to express the powerful dynamic visualization of Polaroid films.
  • Polaroids are an endangered species in this digital world – making them very special indeed.
and Psst currently the gallery has 18 international artists but they claim to be adding new ones. If you are interested in joining POLANOIR, you can contact them at

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