court day equilibrium

Back in court again today.
This time around it was Dr. M’s statement. Our lawyers were pleased with the outcome.

I was stunned and numbed by it.
On one hand I did not anticipate her to say it was birth asphyxia. She never once used the word in mr. B’s context. But today she not only mentioned it. She said it more than a dozen times and showed proof and evidence a dozen times why it was birth asphyxia and not genetic.
So, that was perhaps the ‘high’ moment of the day.

However, during her testimony and expert evaluation which typical of Dr. M includes a long thorough lecture of the brain, the judge was shown images after images. It was saddening for me. For us. All those who loves mr. B to bits. His brain did not just stop growing. It seems to have degenerated. And the prognosis was even more dampening that it first was told to us.

So, all in, it was a balance day in court.
And as usual, court adjourned to months and months later.


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