bad things happens in THREEs

or do they?

Well, then I should be clear now.

#1 discovered I have liquidity issues
#2 broke-up
#3 met with an accident

I’ll go with #2 and #3 first

… quote-unquote my friends “AGAIN?!?”
Well, for #2 my response is: “what do YOU mean AGAIN?”
Excuse me.
It’s not as if I swap them every so often. I’ve got spare fingers even on one hand. So, thank you very much for the support. Gah!
And yes, why aren’t all of you gloating and going “I told you so,” ?
OK. You are right it didn’t work.
But funny, I don’t quite know what happened.
We just ended up fighting a lot over the last few weeks. Maybe a couple of months.
It could have been separation anxiety.
Or maybe I couldn’t take the pressure and constant worry of a conflict and humanitarian pj’s lifestyle. It’s one thing to know and support them. It’s quite another to be involved with one.
Well, if fighting was bad and left me sad, being two separate individuals is disorienting and miserable.

So, what do I do?
In my typical fashion I plan for another BIG, grand escapade. Adventure. Something I will not normally do. Like the last time this happened, I went caving. Yup. Me, who detest dark, small and wet places went caving. I nearly died of exhaustion. Dehydration. Suffocation (guano). It was plain eweeeeky and something I will never do again. It is beyond me why any sane man would want to crawl into any dark hole to see where it leads to!

And it was via this BIG, grade escapade planning that I discovered #1.
No, it’s NOT entirely impossible that I could land in a liquidity situation. I did once think it was impossible. But apparently not.

Honestly, this discovery led to #2, which resulted in #3.
So, here I am lying on my back with an ankle the size of an elephant. Probably the only enjoyable part of this entire life episode is the fact that I am delirious (celebrax + ibuprofen + … ), besides having the luxury of feeling hopeless and bored.

Oh, by the way, #3 of course made #1’s situation worse and the aftermath results of #2 worse. So, where or when am I going to get out of this?
I’ve fulfilled the THREEs in very quick succession.


5 thoughts on “bad things happens in THREEs

  1. oh God my princess!are you ok?i’ll try to catch you online. currently we have a 8-hour difference in time zone. i’ll email you, also with my exact ok – everything will be ok.

  2. thanks babe!!!! i miss u too… u need to get well now! i can’t believe it’s your turn now… {pray.cry}why?!?and missy ciggie {gaaahhHHH-BOOM}that’s a big whack on your head for you. what happened to my cynical partner in crime? go kill more people with your ciggie man! positivism is NOT you.

  3. You know what the old people will say ? “Don’t worry gal.. if you’ve fall, there’s no where to go but up!and up!” So in no time, i’m sure it will be good things happening in more than 3.

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