Life is unfair. It spares the evil. And punishes the good.

Sick of Sick

My best-est friend is ill. Lying in a state of limbo awaiting the biopsy report.
time ticks on…
My best-est friend is the only one who truly gets me. Shares my emotions. Cries with me.
But … tic.toc.tic.toc.

Society is cruel
What’s wrong being HIV+?
Nothing!!! Though I stood by my arguments and dismissed some stigma. We lost the battle.
oozes positivism with a heart of gold…
He wrote me the most touching letter ever. I was made to feel at ease. I was made to understand what living with HIV really meant. How can he remain so positive in the face of skepticism. Discrimination. Death.

Being a thief
They said I was.
I hurled the originals in their faces. Tore the indemnity letter and contract. Strode out.
what I really ‘steal’…
Time. Media. Money. For those who can’t.
I ‘stole’ your featured article at the eleventh hour. By reacting at gutter level.
I ‘stole’ your readership potential.

Loving can’t be good. Disappointment. Mistrust. Lies. Accusations. They all loom close by.
The one person’s opinion that matters the most became my biggest armchair critic.
I spin and lie. I am Wacky. Deranged. So he said.
despite being betrayed…
I dun know. Honestly. I am too hurt. I can’t think straight.
To the point I turned down the 250K p.a. job, 15 minutes away from home.


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