my mind is everywhere but here…


I prefer being holed-up in front of a PC (no MAC here) then explore the streets and head for the tracks. Well, I’ve been here countless of times and the race isn’t new either.

.Presently I am only looking forward for tomorrow – the photo workshop with Felix Hug. Frankly, I’ve been looking forward to only that for the past 48 hours or so although for the life of me I haven’t heard or seen a single published work of Felix Hug and only heard of his name last week Thursday. Well, since the workshop is a mere S$130, I thought at worse case it was still an affordable tour off the tourist track. Afterall, I am the type that is willing to fork out USD2,500 for a photo workshop provided you are on my favourite photographer list! :)
So my thoughts have trailed to a few friends in particular; one (thank God) I can say I have met! I guess when you’ve only ‘known’ a person via satelite aided communication, you are more willing to share and reveal your inner most fears. And I suppose it doesn’t help when I surround myself with a tight group of photojournalist, foreign correspondents and journalist covering conflict all the time.
Whether you are chasing typhoons, suicide bombers, or researching deep in the jungle; CNN, AP or freelancing, my thoughts are with you… let the non-communication be nothing more than a hiatus.
Same applies to YOU who is resting in bed and YOU who has or has not decided what to do ~ again, the answer to the best career choice lies in your heart.


3 thoughts on “my mind is everywhere but here…

  1. :) thanks red felt like some cosmic coincidence that someone random who loves salman rushdie like i do and you blogged about my all time favourite book on my birthday.ahhh yes, satanic versus… i think that deserves a blog entry on its own! don’t you?

  2. Hello, I’m glad I came by this blog and from reading it suddenly there is a feeling of vastness, of connection, and I dissolve into it. What an interesting post. I want to believe you have just gained yourself a reader or follower in the parlance of blogging.Also, I see you are a salmon rushdie fan as well. I’m reading presently one of his books, the satanic verses, have you completed it and what do you think of it? I would like to return here if you do feel a counter visit is worth a bit of your time considering our individual deadlines?My compliments.

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