the photos. taj


This is at least 9 months overdue and apologies to my dearest friend Vijaypedia for the long wait. There’s something about the Taj that pushes my procrastination and reluctance “button”.
Long before I arrived at Agra I went through Getty Images of the Taj and shortlisted 4 shots that I would purchase later. My reason: this is an iconic architectural marvel that has been taken billionth of times by professionals, tourists, locals … just about anybody who has been there.

A photo that has been taken to death is a real challenge (not that others are not a challenge to me either). But being technically hopeless and being extremely realistic about my abilities, I figured a Getty Image was going to be showcase on the cover of my album (which is yet to be made – what did I say about the Taj and my procrastination button? read ^ ).

But since WT and Rez dragged me out of my bed at 5 am and we literally raced our way to the gates – partly due to the Chinese “kiasu“-ness and partly because we were made to believe that everything in Agra is very very very far away by every single tourist tout … and so we fell prey… I got the perfect spot. And though the weather was crappy that morning, I couldn’t just stand there and not take a few shots of the Taj, right?!?

The above is probably my best shot at the Taj as the sun reflects on its marble dome and my first attempt at CS2. – yeah, the latter I agree needs much improvement!


* * * * * * * * * * * * *


And now some of the PENELOPE’S HAVIN’ FUN shots:


Despite the crowd, the Taj exudes a feeling of serenity and reflection…
Could this have actually been planned by the architects with the reflection pools?
No, no, I’m not refering to the modern day interpretation of the Taj’s construction as cited in countless of books… but the original creators intent. I wonder…

and I stood there wondering “L.O.V.E”
{ photo cropped – thanks Felix, for the tips! }



7 thoughts on “the photos. taj

  1. Mindlessly beautiful shots. I wonder why you say travel photogrpahy is not your thing. I much prefer these shots that the commercial ones you see spilling out of magazines and brochures and posters.

  2. I think you should give yourself more credit. These are awesome!I know nuts about photography … but I can’t imagine you being as bad as you claim. Love it. Shoot more. BTW, you are right to say the blog is about randomness and you… I enjoy it nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

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