heads. by the talented tom hoops


for those around the region who has access to el cheapo Air Asia tix and craving for your tom yam and green curry, please drop by the facebar, (sukhumvit) bangkok and feast your eyes on amazing photographs on “heads” by tom hoops.

i’m currently

1- juggling work (volatile world financial markets!)
2- tracking Air Asia rates (being cheap)
3- persuading the $ bag (v.v.important)

… oh well, the $ bag said we’ll be in bangkok on 28th – 30th Oct, so why drag overselves there a week earlier? sigh. men! they just don’t bloody gettit do they?!? 22nd Oct is the opening nite and it’s an important nite for tom… gahhhHHHH

For more information on Tom Hoops and the exhibition, click here to read his interview on Visual Candies.
More of Tom Hoops photos available on flickr.


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