taking a break

From work that pays the bills.

Putting together photography workshops.

Convincing money bags to be more philandering in their ways.

Tonight I decided to fantasize about the Himalayas.An idea and thought revived by a note I received today from a random stranger who talks about randomness on his blog.

{ don’t you just love these random occurrences? and “hidden messages” in blogs }

So, anyways, I pick up my two books by SRUTI*: Zanskar and Ladakh – Driving Holidays in the Himalayas, both of which were gifts from none other than my dearest Vijay-pedia.

A few awakenings hits me:
  • how beautiful and diverse India is
  • how misrepresented India is (in my part of the world at least)
  • how contradictory India is
  • how giving the people are …
Back where I am, we can only dream about any NGO-type organisation as close as SRUTI. Or the work it does. Or the fact that the awareness they are creating and the way funds are raised and managed without jeopardising the purity of the land, the people and the cause. Very unlike most so-called eco-tourism.

Well, personally, I can’t wait for the day I am in Ladakh. So very high up there. Almost reaching for the candy floss clouds in the blue blue skies.


And of course to use all these amazing discount coupons that I have stashed! ha ha ha

But I think I would most likely end up in Sikkim first. That’s my gut feel. Having spontaneously made girlish wimps of the moment Thelma & Louise type travel plans with an amazing designer I ‘met’.

… much is left to be seen. With the biggest hurdle being time off work.

* SRUTI : Society of Rural, Urban and Tribal Initiative

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