Work Diary: @ work … still @ it actually

What makes this ‘special’ is I am not suppose to have any “fun” related websites access. Blogger and Gmail being one of the examples… yup, a nuisance and a bummer.

None of us really gets the new so-called policy, but as usual none of us raises it with management coz it will only imply that we abuse the Internet at work! I mean:

“What web site? Never heard of it!”

Yeah rite.

So, anyways, when there’s a will there’s a way and this is one such example which I am absolutely tight lipped about in terms of revealing the so-called ‘solution’ to my current predicament.

Seriously! I feel like I found a loop hole. A black market. I am now ‘one’ with the Cubans who found ways to sell their Cuban cigars to the Americans. Sanctions? What economic embargo?

Oh, so you know, there is no intent or purpose in this blog entry.
Just random ramblings.

And speaking of random ramblings…

two strangers. thousands of miles apart. working.

Me, on my board presentation and paper.
What a bore! I know.

On his proposal for fellowship in Stanford.
Uh huh. Serious stuff about amongst many heavy issues that leaves your brow wrinkled, is “soft” and “hard” reporting.

But most interesting of all is the g-chat. quick successions of coordinated fingers tapping away to produce words. sentences. of…

Zero value. Nonsensical subjects ranging from ice cream binge that leads to bellies jutting out more than breasts… to the final conclusion of men with breasts. …and how sad that would be, not to mention it would be a world apocalypse!

{ my mom would be grossly disappointed and shattered to know how I have ‘blossomed’ and utilised my education if she ever reads my blog! }

Hokay! Enough of distraction and Internet abuse for today. Am off to complete my board presentation and paper.


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