“the monks are here again. you wanna come?” i asked

“what for?”

dana and prayers. what else?” i replied

“no. no. i meant why are they here for? fund raising again i suppose.” he said with a smirk


it never once crossed my mind. and this was a shattering wake up call for me – missy fund raiser who never once thought about the frequent trips by the monks as fund raising activities, which i suppose if one could separate religion and believe from practicality and survival … then, YES!

and as we all know, God is the best marketer ever and will probably be forever and ever. amen.

so, his disciples are rather willing participants in these perceived vs. actual value transactions which channels my thoughts to the Hare Krishna devotees.

ever ‘bumped’ into them in Trafalgar Square or around Covent Garden? well, isn’t it sweet and flattering that these seemingly peaceful and serene beings are handing you a squash flower – which you fail to notice then – with a bright smile that is infectious? immediately you go “orrrh” and stretch your hand out to accept the flower only to be shoved a tin with a badly made hole at the top by a carelessly handled can opener in your face. and as you raise your gaze it is met by a pair of pleading eyes. and you find yourself subconsciously fishing a pound out of your pocket. the very same pound you thought not once, not twice, but thrice about spending on a cup of coffee which could wait…

well, there you go. the wonders of God’s marketing and psychology. and that’s exactly what we fall for every single time. it doesn’t matter who or what you do for a living. or your values. or religion. you will just fall for it every single time.

as for me, i shall be sleep deprived the entire weekend. well, that’s really nothing compared to the shopping, cooking, packing and donations others will be doing. i hope to get some great photos though.
p/s: val who brings Buddha shopping, found herself rescheduling her appointments today to zip into the grocery store to buy a list of things for the monastery. hmmmmm….

Photo by Penelope GanAngkor Wat, Cambodia @ 2006

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