Nora Ephron, I said …


Nora Ephron
That’s all I said.
He replied: You’ve Got Mail.
I said: And you are giving your age away!

For a big news network correspondent with a Maths and an Economics postgraduate major, I was impressed that he knew Nora Ephron. Yes, HE knew who Nora Ephron is.

Suuure. She is an acclaimed Academy Awards screenwriter and director but seriously try this test: ask 10 of your girlfriends this: Do you know who Nora Ephron is?
Chances are you will draw a big, fat zero.

And common’ no excuses here. Every woman would have watched at least one chick flick in their lives. And more likely than not it would have been Nora Ephron’s:

When Harry Met Sally
Sleepless in Seattle
You’ve Got Mail
And if your lady friend tells you otherwise… trust me. She is telling a big fat lie as large as her bum!

Anyways, as shallow as this may seem, I truly adore Nora Ephron. I love her wicked witty style, her bare all, lashing tongue journalistic ways, right down to her frank, raw, sensibility and vulnerability of a woman in her writing.

So mom, it was a damn good thing I read your Harper’s Bazaars at 10 – though I can’t say the same about being sent to school detention for possessing a copy!

Growing up with Nora Ephron being my ‘role model’ ain’t such a bad deal. My learnings have been rich, diverse, fulfilling and somewhat accelerated. Here are some to share:

1- You can be famous + rich without having designer purses.
2- Hermes Kelly does not withstand rain drops.
3- Hermes Kelly is available in Clingacourt for twenty-six hundred dollars only.
4- You can put makeup on your face and concealer under your eyes and dye on your hair. You can shoot collagen and Botox and Restylane into your wrinkles and creases, but short of surgery, there’s not a damn thing you can do about a neck.
5- Buy only turtlenecks when your necks begins to wobble like a turkey’s.

{ ahem, mine is yet to reach turkey status. I simply like turtlenecks! honestly }
6- Never buy a red coat.

7- It’s ok to be sentimental over an apartment. Or the foyer. Or the grocer by the corner. Or the news stand across the street. Or the entire neighbourhood. But don’t waste any energy on the ex-(husband).
8- You get noticed (i.e. celebrity status) when you ‘bare’ your chest.
9- The economic measure for everything should be base on Starbucks (even if you do not drink them).
10- Invest in a good chair. { I need to take heed on this! }
Oh, if indeed you wanted some serious, non-fiction prose on Nora Ephron, here’s a NYC link : Vital Force Profile – Nora Ephron


4 thoughts on “Nora Ephron, I said …

  1. Babaji (i should say Babaji-es (plural form)since you are not the first to ask who/what/where is Penelope)…i will reply in the next post on everything there is to know.patience i don’t possess, but preach for others to have! irony. contradictory is what i am. :)

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