a gift from my girlfriend…

hmmm… o.k. listen. i DO have the occasional girlfriends but not many. and this is one of the very very few { if not only } who totally gets me.

it was one of those nights when she has been out of action – flat out lying in bed with a tummy bug no less – that she sends me a short message over my O2. one short message progressed to many which eventually led to us chatting on gchat. and out of the blue she sends me a link and it says ‘Louis Vuitton Wishlist‘.

“got you a birthday present,” she says.

“no. no. no.” i said

“what?!?” she replied

“no way! I can’t take a LV from you.” i protested

“well, it’s a gift. a birthday present which i haven’t got the time to pass to you.”

“but… no it’s too expensive. and besides, i am a Gucci person not a LV. you love LV. you keep it,” i suggested.

“has the picture downloaded?” she asked

“no.” i replied. “why?”

“look at it first, ok? please.” she responded

at the sight of the above, the conversation took on a very different turn. with oohhhsss…”, “aaahhhhhssss….”, “orrrrrhhhhhhh…”, “wow”, “i am gonna cry!”, “thank you, thank you, thank you” on my part and her going: “stop thanking me! it’s not like i gave you a million bucks!”

well, ciggies darling this is worth more than a million bucks! you truly get me. you know me ‘in’ and ‘out’. you got me the perfect gift:

fuchsia + india + watercolour illustration = l0V3


thanks ciggie… it’s suddenly worth getting 365 days older
; )

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

P/S: you have to come to India with me one fine day…



5 thoughts on “a gift from my girlfriend…

  1. U r welcome ! I don’t want to get all soft and mushy so let me say it only once””Your friendship has open my eyes to lots of beautiful things in life. You truly is a special person.”p/s: i’ll have to work on overcoming my hygiene freak factor first. :P

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