the ethno-photography workshop

Board { bored . yawn } paper done.
Counting the days to this …
Then my cousin, whom I swear I probably never spoke more than 50 words to is getting married on 28th December 2008 and guess what!?? I am instructed to attend. The wedding. Not the workshop.

wtf?!? gaaaahhhhhHHHHHH!!!

heh ehehe heh … those who knows me, you will know what the eventual outcome will be. I need to work harder on mom. Between you and me, mom rather be roughing out on bug infested beds and riding through the dirt roads in rural Cambodia-Vietnam with me as well.

I wasn’t born a rebellion.
I metamorphosed into one.

And off tangent: yay! we got another socialite involved in 2009 fundraising for Ti-Ratana Centre. Got that confirmation today at a pre-Christmas luncheon party. Thanks! Being dolled-up today was suddenly worth it! {wink}


7 thoughts on “the ethno-photography workshop

  1. Come wedding, come workshop, it will also be christmas soon! And, hope you are enjoying your sunday. Your mum must have a very good heart too however there is still one question you are yet to answer directly…are you a professional photographer?

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