my name is…

Antelope. Envelope. Pen-ni-lop. Pan-nee-lope-pi { God mom, what were you thinking?!? }

Crybaby. Bully. Scribbler. Drama Queen. Night owl. Nerd. + Generally … the leave me alone type.

I love cold. gloomy. wet days. { hate Edinburgh though } Books. Lights cast by street lights and I’d like to die to come back as a mean fubu fish.

I have found my ‘oxygen’. The work are my vitamins. Friendship is the fuel of my existence.
But I have a crush on every god damn thing that moves :) { the fury-ier the better }. It last a nano second!

Cutesy rocks my wacky li’l world.
I’m cuckoo not for ipods. But for mac, Amelie, snail mails and the endless attraction of fuchsia.

Addictions include not3pads. paper. fabric. plastic cameras. hoarding. + hoarding. + hoarding.

I am BIG on loyalty. Allergic to slander. + other people’s negativity.

I was born confused. A jack of all trades, master of none. With no clear career path. Or ambition. I am not complacent. Or lazy. Just a lost workaholic.

In short, you could sum me up by saying I have a cluttered heart, my numerate head gets stuck in the clouds { most of the time } + an expert at being consistently confused.

a dash of me … make that 50 dashes coming soon by popular demand!
see, I am compliant. I rebel within boundaries. That’s thinking out of the box.



6 thoughts on “my name is…

  1. But I think the world is a very confusing place. It’s no fault of yours that you think like this. I think the world makes sense but in a contradictory kind of way. Guess what, my name is grinch. Trust me. :)

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