some REAL HARD reporting here…

I am glad that the WORLD.WIDE.WEB has open up a totally new dimension in our lives. Putting aside all the evils and perils, it has created a paradigm shift. It has made it impossible for censorship. It has to a certain extend given the masses power. And in my opinion there is no power greater than information.
I am not ashamed to admit that I do not read the newspaper {read}. Or watch the news.
I have grown up reading and being ‘educated’ on my heritage, history, civilisation based on what the elected government deems suitable. This has been further censored by the educational system, specific schools and teachers. Years on, as I observe from a distance, nothing seems to have changed. If not, deteriorated.
At 16, sitting crossed legged in a badly insulated and lit library somewhere Down under, I would spend hours pouring over prose written by authors that weren’t from my nation about my nation. I felt that I was finally liberated. The next few years that ensued, needless to say shaped my cynical views of the world. People. Human{kind}. Adults.
And this need and ‘hunger’ grew over the years which resulted in me reading one of the most unmarketable specialisation which undoubtedly made my scholarship sponsors very upset. Their parting words to me as I recalled was:
!!! Wrong. But that’s of no relevance now.
The issue of censorship – deliberate or otherwise – have over the past few weeks been hanging over my head:

  • two friends in an American based network media house wants to quit because “it’s all @#$%ing BULLSHIT” …and so I get random (sometimes borderline deranged) verbal diarrhea – it’s ok. every so often we all need to unload. :)

  • I’ve been reading drafts after drafts of a proposal paper for a Stanford fellowship to commence research work on ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ journalistic reporting in marginalised societies and/or nations.

  • my ex-professor who is standing on one leg battling cancer seems to be fighting a BIGGER war where nobody seems bothered judging by the numbers attending his session as opposed to the one earlier on the economic implications of US Wall Street and Main Street meltdown. I sat through the entire session mesmerized and awed. Vindicated over my so-called hopeless qualification{s}.

  • deciding on what photos will be deemed too ‘controversial’ or ‘shocking’ with members of a NGO as we went through hundreds of thumbnail sized photos from pro bono photojournalist to be used in an upcoming photo essay project.

So, when I stumbled upon this site: CONDITION : CRITICAL, it was: refreshing + raw

{thank God for minimal knowledge in html, I have disabled autostart on the video as the buffering takes too long on my broadband and a pain to open any other blog entry or functions. Please PLAY the video though – it’s truly worth it}

2 thoughts on “some REAL HARD reporting here…

  1. I can never reconcile many things. Amongst which is you, Penelope.On one hand you are the butt of the joke. The prima donna. The drama queen. The rebellious socialite??? The tight lipped cautious one who won’t comment on politics, religion etc… and yet the one dying to pass strong message in ad hoc in complete manner. The flightiness of your craft and writing. The seriousness you take in fighting causes. The dark photos and images. The fun, funky HOLGAs full of life and laughter. The fuzzy heads and cluttered heart friends. The renowned journalist and photojournalist who shapes how the world is viewed …I can tell though that whilst you may seem all over the place and lost superficially, you have your heart in all the right places. It’s a shame and a lost if others can’t see it.

  2. i am stunned new year’s resolution will be to do something within my abilities.babe, are you training to be one of these people? like the pro bono freelancer photojournalists friends of yours? why all the workshops?

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