Travel Diary: i knew my packing will come back and haunt me…

i just knew it.
more so when i left it to the last moment. something like 5-5/6 hours before i was due to board the plane. but it was hardly my fault. blame it on the evil menopausal one. the one who dictates that:

  • singletons are not to take any annual leave during school holidays
  • singletons are not to take any annual leave during festivities
  • singletons are not to clear their annual leave during the year end period
  • blah blah blah

look woman! we have 26 days annual leave. add 14 days public holidays. 22 days sick leave. what are singletons suppose to do then huh???

ok. that is a reaction towards:

  • being slave driven at the Bank for days in a row from 9am to 1am …
  • 5 hours sleep
  • bad rooming arrangements over the last couple of days
  • heat exhaustion: eczema acting up. bad sun-burnt shoulders
  • skin peeling from sun-burns and abrasions of the camera strap

damn. i should have invested in a broader, spongy type of strap.
i was being cheap. well, no. i was just being me. the procrastinator.
but in defense i truly hate walking into any shops selling big boys’ toys and gizmo.
the sales person talks down. and they deliberately confuse me with jargon and techie gibberish.

i think the thing that upsets me most is: I KNEW ALL OF THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.
i don’t do South East Asia well. the weather gets to me. the humidity gets to me.
suuure… i am from a country in South East Asia. the difference is i normally live in a ‘bubble’. and if air-conditioners were never invented, i am sure i would have invented it!
{ok, a bit of drama there}

point is, i am soooo exhausted.
i’ll carry one ‘body’ and one ‘glass’ only. i’ve got to figure what to do with the other ‘body’ and ‘glasses’.

and i’m gonna buy those flimsy bad quality cotton tops even if it’s gonna cost me an arm and a leg – thanks to damn tourist touts. spandex mixed spaghetti straps and singlets don’t cut it.

keat – i miss you so damn much.
you would have patiently put some sanity into my thick head.


6 thoughts on “Travel Diary: i knew my packing will come back and haunt me…

  1. gee.. i’m speechless. maybe it’s lucky i didn’t get to gobut then maybe me being there would distract you complaints and woes would probably top you 100 times more !!Try to enjoy sure the pictures you took is worth it.

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