Work Diary: 2009: Get Set, READY??? … {go}

It’s been a mixed bag of events. For the past 3 days that is. Which continues on.
Sigh. I don’t know where or how to start.
Firstly, there was the overwhelming organisational restructuring. I spent 48 hours psyching myself that I will be fine in my new role {although I have zilch level of knowledge, exposure and experience}… if there’s anyone who could cope, it would be me… pep talk.

The problem here is “cope”.
“Cope” is not part of my vocabulary.
I have long espouse and subscribe to the idea ‘fly’. If there’s anything I am going to do, it must ‘fly’ or …

So, “cope” is a personal stretch for me.
At least from the values and self expectations stand point.

See, I have been moved not because of business needs taking precedence over individuals needs. I was moved into the role where the vacatee’s {just for the moment such a word exist and I say so – it’s my blog! so, live with it or buzz off} analytics skill sets were required elsewhere and the supposed to be in-coming incumbent into my role has zero analytical, numeracy or computers skills. Nuh huh, we are not talking about cutting edge analytics nor computing programming type skills. And nuh huh, we are not talking about a dinosaur either. She’s a mere 38. I guess a dense 38 y.o. who crawled into a cave and the world of digital age passed by her.

Anyways, she must either suffered cold feet or sense my desperation and subsequently ‘caught’ the greed bug by upping her asking price by 213% overnight. My reply to that is obviously not sanitized for publishing. So, lets leave it as it is.

Now, I am left with the problem and possibility of the following:
….#1 I will do two LARGE job for the price of a quarter {the vacatee makes 3x more than I}
….#2 I will take on the vacatee’s job and find a replacement for mine
….#3 I will remain in my role and find a replacement for the vacatee

The issue with this – that was not obvious to me until the vacatee told me that I have been treated unfairly! – is I am a sitting duck. I will take whichever that is not taken up.

I shared this piece of news over gchat with my sister who said:

“you are always unlucky with bosses”

Again, this thought never crossed my mind. But what caught my attention was the word ALWAYS.
Yes. A-L-W-A-Y-S.

And this was when I realised that it is not kindness, flexibility, understanding, maturity, charitable, helpful that gets me in the rut time and time again. It is the fact that I am expandable, hence I have been taken advantaged of repeatedly. Of course the damn accommodating Libran with the above virtues contributed to me being so easily coaxed. But face it. If I weren’t expandable, none of this would be possible. I would be worthless in terms of consideration.

On the up-side, 2009 brought some confirmation on a coffee table book I am jointly putting together to raise awareness and funds, which I will talk about when things are a little more firmer. But this piece of good news was quickly balanced by my friend’s {Arijit Sen, CNN-IBN Correspondent} email and chat about orphans, minorities and marginalised society in Nagalandread blog entry here. Likewise, I’ll talk more about this when things are clearer. However, suffice to say I’ve never felt so helpless in my capacity to make a difference and help.


7 thoughts on “Work Diary: 2009: Get Set, READY??? … {go}

  1. I frankly think that is so unfair and not a way to treat any employee. It’s fair trade here. Even if the economy is bad Penelope, and banks are affected, it is still a mutual contract. I’ll be looking out PRONTO! If the bosses treats you that way, guess what? you are dispensable. This scenario lacks human decency and RESPECT.

  2. hey you … long time no hear! Happy New Year!aiyo … we are oso bankers who are held by self manifested? fear of losing our jobs altogether mah… so we psycho ourselves that everything else is bearable and keep going along? head of the proccessionaries caterpillars? :)

  3. Haven’t you heard that if you are good, bosses will always assign you more work until you reach your limit. So the trick is to do such a good job that they will want to give you more. But make sure you throw it all back at them before they do. Then they will probably pay you 2x more to keep you in your portfolio.Anyway, all the best in your new endeavour.

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