I wanna go to Donkey Land

Growing up in my household you’ll often hear mom yelling: Penny, if you don’t study you’ll end up in Donkey Land


That’s coz I’d rather be lying in bed with my make belief friends than read.

I started reading at the age of 11. Seriously. Prior to that, a trip to the local library was like dragging an iron ball chained to my ankle. And I would come back with 2 pictorial book. The vegie-series (which memory escapes me now as to what its called) was my favourite. How smart could an aubergine be? Surely, I could figure him out enough to tell mom a convincing enough summary of the book!

But at 11, I wasn’t truly convinced reading wasn’t good. I questioned Enid Blyton’s intend and message behind Golliwogg for instance.

At 11-and-two-thirds, I wondered why the Hardy Boys were allowed to wonder off on their own at night in what would have been a very dangerous neighbourhood.

Well, you get my point by now… but the point of this blog is not to re-examine the books I read in my pre-adolescences years but me wanting to return to Donkey Land … which frankly, I never quite left.

Till this day, you’ll find me on occasions lying in a fetal position in between the downs hugging my furry friends. Shutting my eyes. Shutting the world out. Having grown (in every sense of the word), mom’s protests has somewhat been refined to take the form of: “what are you doing?”

My standard reply would be:
“Having a conversation. {pause} do you mind?” (read: leave me alone, please) With that said, she would let me be for about 20 minutes before yelling: “come down now! don’t you DARE sleep!”

See, in Donkey Land there’s only comfort and joy. The world is as I imagine it to be. I am secured. I am happy. Most important of all there is NO responsibility. Imagination rules. Reality fades.

So mommy, you are right. Study gets you good jobs.
Unfortunately good jobs comes with LOADS of responsibilities. And Donkey Land gradually faces extinction.

But mommy, I STILL wanna go to Donkey Land.


8 thoughts on “I wanna go to Donkey Land

  1. u ARE in Donkey Land wat. what is there to complain sumore? u c, banking to me is donkey, it’s cold, heart and soul-less, hence refers to the above…lol…oppsss.

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