am I a bore?


lack of a better topic or things to say … plus someone just commented I am a bore.

Reason? I mostly talk about photography and nothing else.
Untrue I said.

And well, when I logged into I had intended to write about something else… then I realised that my blog does have quite a bit on photography and right beside me on my desk, I have 2 camera bodies, 3 lenses and 4 memory cards!

{and this isn’t the entire collection}

So, he must be RIGHT!

Anyways, today I am in one of those “ i am bored ” mood but can quite put a finger on why, what, how, what. Partly, I am drained from updating 3 other blogs {errr… 3rd party blogs which I maintain} with 2 weeks worth of daily entries.


And my mom is sitting beside me in my craft room rambling on and on and on … well, I guess she hardly ever sees me so whenever there’s an opportunity the verbal dam burst it’s banks!

. sigh . yawn .

So, this is really an entry about nothing. Just mindless ramblings. Plus I added a photo right at the bottom of my blog! No! Again, let me repeat: I am not hooked on photography.

I thought the creation and the photo befits this blog.

Also, I’ll be hard press to start planning for my travels and vacations in the next one week or so… this would be a nice reminder.

. .

Got to go! Back to work tomorrow although I am officially still on leave and it’s Chinese New Year – technically the only time I can and should be taking time off work given that I make the 20% minority in the Bank.

. .


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