Mr. Generator, please. …please don’t go

Believe it.
I was pleading at my garage above the din of two huge generators as they were both being packed up, prepared to be driven away on those get-out-of-my-way giant road-killer Scania trailers.
(a few minutes before)
Shock was quickly replaced by panic.
No.. nooooooo
You can’t go! I need you! I want you!
Dammit. Don’t you care?
And all this?
Well, at the sight of a huge generator being driven past me on the opposite side of my suburban neighbourhood.
How could you?
All of you! Bloody selfish c-i-n-a!
Conserve energy you idiot!
Good “chi” ain’t coming.
Off that goddamn red lanterns.
Look. You have too much lights in your garden.
Selfish bastards!
Selfish cocky rich c-i-n-a!
How the did I end up in this neighbourhood?!?
(a few hours ago)
what?!? u mean 2 say ur hse is run by a generator? u don’t hv power in KL?
sigh. {smirk}
[my reply]: nope. n no cream puffs n enclairs 4 ur visit. no refrigerators on tree houses. :p
Thinking back.
My household is just a misfit.
If the entire neighbourhood fits 400 watt bubble shaped lights on every column spaced 4 feet apart in their garden, how much more, or less, power do they consume compared to my household of 3 deep freezers and 3 refrigerators?

.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
.Day #1: 11 hours since the power failure
Night #3: 72 hours later…

.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


This is written by a desperate soul who has been sleep deprived for 3 nights, nursing a 39.5 degrees body temperature. Took 6 icy cold showers (with tricking water). Cook water in pans on an old gas cooker lit by matches. And literally unlock-lock-unlock-lock-lock two gates to drive my wheels out of the garage. Stuffed cotton balls into my ears lobes while maintaining coolness as a house prisoner with loud alarm sirens going off …

ahhh… the life of auto gates, home surveillance system, water pressure pumps, microwaves, water heaters, air conditioners …etc.

And oh, another thought occurred to me: why do only BAD things happen to me when I am left home alone?



2 thoughts on “Mr. Generator, please. …please don’t go

  1. lolhmmm… I thot I was the only cruel one to the princess. Apparently not! Read above.Also yes, I can visualise you charming the pants out of some TNB grease monkeys!!!!

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